One Last Time…I Swear!

I know that I’ve been somehow bad at keeping everyone updated on the work I’m doing in Ghana. Most of the reason for that is that all of my projects are still on-going, so I haven’t wanted to talk about them much quite yet. Don’t wanna jinx them, ya know?However, I’m about to spill some beans. Get ready!

Last year I had a minor surgery and was stuck recovering for almost an entire month in the capital city of Accra. And I was really really BORED. Bored to the point of tears. Bored to the point of getting this brilliant idea to organize a youth leadership and empowerment camp for the girls and boys in my region.

Camps are a great way to get a bunch of kids and educate, empower, and get them all pumped up about the kinds of topics that all PC volunteers believe to be important for future generations…like leadership skills, self-confidence, gender equality, income generation, a variety of health topics, and any other important and empowering thing you can come up with. Kids love camps. PC volunteers love camps. PC itself loves camps. The only problem is that they’re a lot of work and stress to organize, so there hasn’t been a camp in my region for a while. And I honestly never even once considered it to be something that I would want to get involved in. But then I got BORED.

So I occupied myself by sending out a few preliminary emails to see if anyone else in my region was interested in having a youth camp happen and got a lot of great responses! Fast forward 7 months and I am part of a four-person planning team and we are ears-deep in planning a multi-region GLOW (girls leading our world) & BRO (boys respecting others) youth camp that will be happening in April 2016 and will include up to 60 boys and girls, both hearing and deaf, a bunch of young Ghanaian adults to serve as role models, a bunch of local and NGO presenters, a bunch of PC volunteers, and lots of bunches of fun! This will be my very last project as a PC Volunteer because I will be finishing my 27 month of service and departing Ghana three short days after the camp. WHADUP!

Anyway, so this is what I’m up to right now. We are currently in the process of receiving applications for the camp, planning the schedule of sessions and events, as well as fundraising. And this is what I’m here to do, one last time, I swear! We’ve been able to raise almost all of the money that we need ($7016 out of $7292) and are left with only $276.05 left to raise. So if you are in a position where you can spare a few dollars, we would appreciate it a ton. All donations are tax deductible and no donation is too small. $1.52 provides a meal. $5 provides food and water for one student for the entire day. $26 will feed and water a student for the entire camp. $40 will feed, water, as well as transport a student to and from camp. Anything helps! For real. Here is the link to the PC grants website, where donations can be made securely: Ghana Let Girls Learn GLOW & BRO Camp. The donations page is in the name of another volunteer (Trujillo, G.), but it’s the correct project, don’t worry. The PCV listed is part of our four-person planning team and is in charge of all the money for the camp, which is why he is the one listed on the project page.

Anyway, I’ll stop my soliciting. I love all of you guys and I hope that in the next few months I’ll have more things to update you on, as I start finishing up my projects.

Oh, and in other news, I just found out that I will get to meet my replacement (the volunteer who will replace me in my village and live here for 27 months after I leave) in less than two months. How wild is that?! I can’t even imagine someone else living in my tiny little village. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It’s all coming to an end just like that…

Ok. Hugs and kisses everyone.

Bye byeoooo (for now)!


One thought on “One Last Time…I Swear!

  1. I am reading this post at my staging event to go go Ghana as a health volunteer. Meaning it could be, or will be anyone in my class who will be replacing you!! We are all excited to come serve. We will work hard to make you proud!

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